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Stephanie's Loyalty Program

Our Loyalty rewards Program!

Thank you so much for being a loyal client of Stephanie Costa Photography.  We understand that there are so many other photography options out there and truly appreciate your trust in what we do.  As a small business your support means everything and we truly want to say Thank You, because without you there would be no Stephanie Costa Photography.  We have created this program as a sign of our appreciation.  We are so honored to capture your family’s memories time and again, thank you! 

How Does it Work?!


  • It’s simple. . . We take your family’s photos.  You keep coming back for more photos.  You refer us to all of your awesome friends and family for their photos.  In return we say THANK YOU for being an amazing client and supporting our small business by issuing you Stephanie’s Loyalty Points.  You can then redeem those points for amazing photography products, services and rewards! 


Earning the Points


  • Every $1.00 Spent = 2 Loyalty Points


  • Mini Photo Session Referral = $25.00 Stephanie Costa Photography Gift Card (we REALLY appreciate you talking us up!)


  • Full Photo Session Referral = $50.00 Stephanie Costa Photography Gift Card



How are the Points Tracked?


  • Points are tracked electronically through the well-known “Square” software.


  • Your individual account is connected to your phone number (no need for another login/password!).  Need to Join?!  Enroll by verifying your phone number here


  • When points are accumulated or redeemed you will receive a SMS Text Message linking you to your Points account.  Once viewing your account, you can see your current point accumulation, rewards program overview and manage your account settings.  It’s a very simple software.


Spending Your Points!


  • When you’ve decided you want to claim a reward, simply look at your total point accumulation and the offered rewards to determine how you want to redeem those points.  You can view the rewards on our website, this handout or in your electronic account (via the link in your phone’s text message history)! 


  • Tell Stephanie which awesome reward you’ve decided on!  This can be done via phone, e-mail, text, in-person, morse code or telegram!  The reward will then be processed and delivered to you in a timely manner.

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