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Birthday PHotography


Banners, balloons, cake, party invites, streamers and goodie bags are all on the party list.  But don't forget to stop the planning (momentarily) to take the time and capture your favorite littles with high quality, artistic photographs.  The party will be here-and-gone before you know it, but beautiful photos last a lifetime.  

We would love the opportunity to capture these memories for you, whether you're turning 1, 2, 3, 10, 40 or 95 years young.  Our studio loves to celebrate and are constantly trying to expand our lineup of birthday offerings.

Scroll below to learn more about the different types of birthday sessions we offer.  And if there's something you have in mind, but don't see, just let us know and we will be happy to make it a reality!


Memories Collage

Cake Smash

Simple Traditional

Memories Birthday Photo Collage
Cake Smash Birthday Photo
Isabella is ONE (6 of 48).jpg


Batman! SM (5 of 9).JPG


Mermaid Deandra (1 of 3).jpg

Party Themes

Dariel is 4 (9 of 15).jpg


Adler Carousel (4 of 5).jpg

Paint Smash

Paint Smash SM1 (1 of 1).jpg


Backdrops SM (123 of 5).jpg

More information about birthday photos

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Birthday photos can be done in our studio or at a location of your choice.  We offer a variety of backdrops and settings to choose from. We will also work with you in order to customize your session.  If you're interested in a theme or backdrop that you might not see here, let us know and we will be happy to create it for you.


The length of time for these sessions ranges from 20 minute to over an hour depending on the type of shoot. 


We can do solo shots and/or include family members as well.

Prices range due to the different nature, time requirements and customization of each shoot but on average our clients invest $295 with our birthday collections.

If you'd like to purchase this as a gift for your favorite 1-year old, we offer gift certificates.  It makes an amazing gift that you won't find in any store, and it's something that the whole family will appreciate and cherish for a lifetime (unlike diapers!)!Spots are limited, so contact our studio today so we can answer any more questions you might have and mark your session in our calendars.

Cake Smash

Cake Smash sessions are pretty much our favorite session for one-year olds (but we've done them for kids as old as 5!).  We enjoy them so much that we've dedicated an entire page on our website to give you more information, just click here.

Memories Collage

These sessions are our studio's newest birthday theme and they're quickly growing to become one of our studio's most requested!  

We will take your child's photos from over the years and put them together on a black and white collage/framed backdrop for them to pose in front of.  The best part?!  The backdrop is also a fleece blanket which you get to take home with you and snuggle with once the session is over. 


These  sessions are typically 20-30 minutes and are done at our studio.


Simple Traditional 

If you're looking for a more traditional or simple backdrop for your photos, this is where you want to be.  We have a variety of simple style's to choose from which are also great for sibling and family photos too (since these drops tend to be larger than the party themes).

These sessions usually range from 20-minutes to an hour depending on who we are photographing.  If it's only one child then 20 minutes is usually perfect.  If you would like to include family members and do larger group photos then an hour might be necessary to get all of the different combinations.

Party Themes

If you're looking for something a little more fun to match your child's interests and/or possibly match a party theme, we have a huge variety of backdrops to choose from.  Just scroll below and browse some of our favorites.  

These backdrops are smaller/kid size so 20 minutes is usually the perfect amount of time to capture photos.  If you'd like to use a party theme, but also a more traditional backdrop for family photos, we can definitely do that too but the session will now take about an hour.

Paint Smash

Calling all CRAFT-LOVING kids!  These sessions are so much fun for kids ages 2 and up!  This is your opportunity to create a masterpiece with water-based paints and get messy at the same time (this is something Mom would NEVER let you do at home!). 


We will start by taking come clean/non-paint photos.  We will then give you a blank canvas, paintbrushes and a variety of colors to create a masterpiece with.  Don't want to use the brushes?  Use your hands or feet instead!  Our studio will capture the fun, mess and giggles with our cameras.

For the younger painters (2-3 years), we can then bring out our clawfoot bathtub, filled with Mr. Bubble and do a quick cleanup and capture a few more photos (this is especially sentimental if we did your one year old cake smash the year before with the same tub, so you can see exactly how they've grown in a comparison shot).

These sessions last about 60 minutes and are done in our studio.

Superhero, Carousel, Princess & Mermaid Sessions

At some point in time, every kid has dreamed of becoming a Mermaid, Superhero, Riding A Carousel Horse or becoming a real life Princess!

These are the sessions that will make those dreams come true and get them so excited to get their photos taken with us.  We offer Superman, Batman, Mermaid Tails and Princess Dresses.  If you'd like to book pre-photo hair and makeup to enhance the experience, we work closely with Hair Candy Salon (literally our "sister salon" and right down the street from our studio)

birthday backdrop Selection

Below you will find our current selection of backdrop choices for your birthday.  These are kid-sized.  If you're looking for family backdrops too and possibly want to do both?  Go to our family photography page, here.


Keep in mind that we will always add more props to these base backdrops.

We can customize a shoot for you a well (Star Wars, Baby Shark, Mickey Mouse, etc.). Nothing is off limits, just ask and we will be happy to put it together for you!!

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