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Headshot Photography

Congratulations on your latest business venture or just finally finding the time to update your professional headshot!

It's good business-practice to update your headshot photo every couple of years. 

We have the perfect studio-space (located in North Reading, MA) to capture a great, updated business headshot for your business card, website, social media platform or e-mail server. 

If you're looking to get new professional headshots for a large group of employees, we will gladly arrange to visit your corporate office(s) in order to make it easier and more time-efficient for all employees.

We offer multiple backdrops to choose from. We can also place any of your company-approved digital backdrops into your photos as well if there's a certain "look" everyone needs to adhere too.

Headshot sessions can be done quickly on your lunch-break as the typical session lasts anywhere from 15-45 minutes.  You're more than welcome to bring multiple outfits as well.  Once the session is complete, the photos will promptly be uploaded to your private online gallery.  You will then choose the photos you'd like for editing.  Fully edited photos will then be delivered via the same gallery, where they can be downloaded directly to your computer for immediate use.

Please give us a call to learn more information, thanks!

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